Giacomo Bartoli

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  • 2016-2018

    Master Degree

    University of Bologna

    Computer Science & Engineering

    The 2nd cycle degree programme in Computer Science and Engineering aims specifically to train specialists, consistent with the competences required by the professional profiles which aim to provide learning in products, processes and management.

  • 2017

    Exchange Student

    Stockholm University

    Computer Science & Systems

    DSV is one of the oldest University Departments of Computer Science in Sweden. Courses are developed by the latest professional knowledge. The campus is located in in Kista, the 'Silicon Valley' of Europe where there are all of the world’s largest ICT companies.

  • 2015

    Exchange Student

    Polytechnic University of Valencia

    Computer Engineering

    Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) gave me the opportuniy to join an international university, with students coming from all over Europe.

  • 2012-2015

    Bachelor Degree

    University of Bologna

    Computer Science & Engineering

    This course provide me a strong background on programming skills, procedural and object oriented, databases and operating systems, plus a good knowledge concerning mathematic topics such as analysis, linear algebra and probability.







UML 2.0


  • 2016

    SIT Group

    Information Systems

    Actually my aim in Sit Group is to optimize the software development workflow. In order to achive this goal I am installing and configuring some tools for release and testing automation. The result should be having more software releases with less errors in a shorter period of time.

    DevOps - Release Management - ITIL - Automation
  • 2014


    iOS Developer

    I join Mr. APPs for complete my curricular internship for the University of Bologna. I worked mainly on two iOS apps: SMDifferenzia and SM News24. Now these two apps are available for free on the app store.

    iOS Development - XCode - Objective C - UX
  • 2013

    Siti Web a 360

    Web Developer

    Here I designed and created websites for local commercial activities. It was a great opportunity to improve web related technologies like HTML, CSS and JS.

    WordPress - CSS - eCommerce - Magento

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Something about me

Fascinated by complex systems, problem solver oriented with a strong attitude for team working. I love meet and interact with people from different countries and cultures, because I truly believe that an international context can enrich each other. During my free time I like to travel, discover new places and listen old vinyls. I am always available for a cup of coffee or, even better, a glass of wine.


What I like

Web Development

Studying and implementing solution based on a client-server architecture.


A hackathon is a day-long invention marathon. Participants work in teams to create awesome projects from scratch.

Software Design

Software design is the process of implementing software solutions to one or more sets of problems.

Internet of things

Now objects have a digital soul and this is going to change radically our daily life.

Mobile Application

Mobile programming is getting cooler day by day, especially with the advent of wearable devices.

Latest digital trends

AI, Big Data, Augmented reality and so much more..


Cups of coffee


Projects Done


Nights awake

Personal projects

Simone app


A digital version of Simon Says.
Credits are shared with N.Giancecchi, M.Sapignoli, G.Zanotti.

More info:

Augmented Dinos

Dinosaurs are still alive! This app uses augmented reality to let you discover dinosaurs you thought were extincted.

More info:

Electro Radar

This app transforms your iPhone in a electromagnetic field detector. The interface is simple, clean and easy to use.

More info:

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